Chris Lewis

CFO & Project Specialist

Whether it be numbers or negotiations, no one housebreaks complexity like Mr. Lewis.

Nathan Colquhoun

Director of Operations

It takes a special individual to keep a herd of creatives on task. Mr. Colquhoun is able to do it most of the time.

Daniel Slade


Giving up a promising career in a Ukrainian Rap-Core outfit, Mr. Slade now devotes his life to arranging pixels in colourful order.

Aaron Robb

Accounts & SEO Specialist

Mr. Robb wines and dines search engines while updating and upgrading clients.

Kevin McGlade


Mr. McGlade, our Irish friend, likes to weave colourful stories using image and word.

Our Process:

  1. Phase 1: Discover

    A special first date where both parties are completely honest about hopes, expectations, strengths and shortcomings.

  2. Phase 2: Define

    Here’s where things get serious. We meet each other’s family and we figure out exactly where things are going to go.

  3. Phase 3: Devise

    Now that we know we’re meant to be we begin to do the hard work of looking after all the important things.

  4. Phase 4: Design

    Wow! This is actually working! Things are taking shape and becoming more clear.

  5. Phase 5: Develop

    Let’s work out the kinks. This is worth fighting for.

  6. Phase 6: Deploy

    Now is the time to go public with our love. Let’s tell the whole world about what we’ve done!

  7. Phase 7: Direct

    Together forever and never to part. We can do this ‘til we’re old and grey.

Our Clients:

    Lambton College
  • Bluewater Health
  • Big Brother Big Sisters
  • Blackberry
  • Refined Fool Brewing Company
  • New England Arbors
  • The Burger's Priest
  • City Insurance and Financial Services
  • The Free Methodist Church in Canada
  • Lambton County
  • Philip Aziz Centre
  • Children's Aid Society
  • Bathfitter
  • Lambton Kent District School Board
  • Maple Leaf Foods
  • Eagle's Flight Creative Training Excellence
  • Tourism Sarnia-Lambton
  • Compassion Canada
  • Crave It Restaurant Group
  • Lambton County Developmental Services
  • Community Living
  • Lambton Rural Daycare Coalition
  • Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario | Sarnia Chapter
  • Sarnia Lambton Economic Partnership
  • Twin Bridges Nurse Practitioner Clinic
  • Lambton Outdoor Club
  • Return the Landscape
  • Haldenby Financial Group
  • Fazio Law
  • Bluewater Methadone Clinic
  • Lambton Circles